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Black Rhino
Black Rhinos habitats are deserts and grasslands and they live in Namibia, coastal East Africa. Black Rhino’s are  getting critically endangered because humans are killing them to get their horns. They put these horns on display and it’s very expensive. I strongly believe we should take care of black Rhinos and keep them away from large wild cats and hunters or pouches.
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Adult males weigh 1,350 kg and adult female weigh 900 kg the weight at birth is 35 to 45 kg. Black Rhinos are 1.6m at the shoulder they are also smaller than white Rhinos. Black Rhinos only have hair on their ears, tail tips and eyelashes. Males  have thicker horns than female they often have longer horns and thinner ones. Black Rhinos got their name by their lip not their colour. They have their baby by two and a half years and they also often  have one baby at a time. Black Rhinos eat leaves, fruit and grass they can live without food for five days. Did you know less than 2,500 black Rhinos are left? Black Rhinos eat 120 pounds of grass a day.
How can we make a difference!
 Please stop killing  black Rhinos! We have to stop hunting for black Rhinos. We can help black Rhinos from being killed by keeping them in zoos and stop cutting trees because they eat the leaves.
By: Ashly
Fun Fact: Black Rhinos have whiskers

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