Magical Park

D2 exploring Magical Park in our school grounds.

D2 Whanau Group

This what D2 and D3 whanau groups did today. And they were delicious.


D2 Time in the Museum Classroom

Today D2 went to the Museum classroom to learn more about disasters and New Zealand Volcanoes. Here is a video about what we learnt and did today!

PEP Athletics Day

Last Wednesday we took part in athletics and completed these events.
  • Long Jump
  • High Jump
  • Shot Put
  • Sprints
We would like to congratulate all the students that placed and qualified to represent our school later this term.

Welcome to Sunny Term 4!

Welcome back everyone to Term 4! Hope you all had a relaxing holiday and are ready to get on with some new learning. This term we will be learning about SURVIVAL in case of an emergency. 

Do you know what the words emergency and survival mean?

Well, we found out what it means and will tell you all in our next post. So keep a look out on our Dynamic D2 Domain.

Borax Crystals by Kaylah and Aiza


                                                           By Kaylah And Aiza

Oobleck, by Jugal, Dawshawn and Alvin


By Alvin, Dashawn & Jugal

Oobleck, by Toa and Ashly


By: Toa & Ashly

Oobleck, by Kavish and Ryan

By Kavish and Ryan