Breakout Box Challenge

In the first week back at school, D2 students had a go at doing this team building challenge. They learnt how to solve problems, listen to each others ideas, take turns, use patterns in numbers and most importantly work together.


  1. wow so cool C block we did that too keep your brains going D2 keep it up Mrs Gounder

  2. That looked very interesting. Can you tell us how you unlocked the boxes. It looked like fun teamwork.

    1. Yes, it was all about Teamwork. We were able to open it by using clues. For some locks we had numbers and for others we had letters. For one of the locks we had to move different directions to open it. This was the hardest lock to open. Has D4 tried to do the Breakout Box challenge?

  3. Jamilah and Sophia10 March 2017 at 09:53

    we like how you's worked together to unlock the box
    great job we love it

  4. Shanney and Falak20 March 2017 at 09:41

    its very cool D2 how did you guys enjoy opening it.It was very hard to open right.

  5. Ilike how we worked togather